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01/17/2021 - 02/13/2021
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Overviewof the Friday Pack Leader

·  Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to schedule and coordinatedrivers who pick up foods at FBR and deliver them to Jeffco Eats location; andpackers needed for Fridays

·  Supervise the unloading of food upon arrival at Jeffco Eats,confirm delivery is correct and determine placement for immediate packing orstorage for later

·  Packing 700-1000 weekly, with 7-10 items in each bag

·  Oversee the weekly packing and storage of the packed bags and foodfor subsequent distribution 

·  Volunteers can range anywhere from 8-25 weekly

roomColumbine Ste Denver, CO 80202
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5 +
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tag_facesMark Eagle
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