10/24/2020 - 11/01/2020
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One of the goals at Angelica Village is to foster healthy growth through the achievement of housing partners' personal goals. This may include, but is not limited to, education, careers, and entrepreneurship. However, a roadblock many families may face is access to childcare.

We are seeking childcare volunteers to spend quality time with the children of Angelica Village. We invite you to use your creativity, but this may look like coloring, facilitating nature walks, playing games, and much more! This may include some light cooking/prepping of meals and diaper changes. We hope this is a time for the children to interact and build relationships with trusted adults.

We are hoping childcare volunteers can spend 3 - 4 hours with the child(ren) at a time but are welcome to spend more time as well! Volunteers can sign up for below shifts, but there are some opportunities for further shifts on an on-going basis as the family sees a need. Typical volunteer shifts fall on nights and weekends.


Current specific times slots are:

First Saturday of every month from 2:00 - 4:00

Every other Sundays from 4:00 - 5:45 pm


Please apply for more information & opportunities! Contact us if interested.

Angelica Village Community Agreements For Community-Wide Partners These agreements are actively adopted by all who participate in Angelica Village. They serve to support the health and well being of the community and each individual. If at any time an individual or group experiences these agreements not being followed by another individual or group, they may utilize the conflict resolution process to address their concerns. Angelica Village Principles Love, Care, Respect Beauty, Imagination, Joy Healing, Health, Nourishing each Individual Hope, Possibility, Faith, Confidence Responsibility, Commitment to Growth Unity, Belonging, Sustained Relationships Honoring the dignity of the Human Being Ennobling Daily Life Peace, Justice, Forgiveness “In accordance with the principles of Angelica village, I recognize that I can contribute to creating the physical spaces of the community in order, beauty and joy, helping to establish an environment that is healing for all. I will do my best to uphold the ideals of love and respect for others. I support the healing and nourishment of myself and other community members. I understand that there is significance in how I navigate daily life, striving to ennoble the tasks and challenges with peace and caring. I commit to taking responsibility for my actions and their impact upon others. I hold the intention of ongoing development both within myself and for the community, with hope and faith in the possibility of positive change. I repair harm when I make mistakes and strive to forgive myself and others. I will affirm and work towards a community that honors and includes all members, eradicates biases, and respects all cultures, identities, and opinions. I will speak up against injustice and strive to practice empathy and compassion.” Practical Agreements All will participate in Community Restorative Practices as they relate to relationship building, culture development/maintenance as well as conflict resolution. All will be on time to committed events If one is running late one will be conscious of how to engage in the most undisruptive way Each will be mindful of everyone else’s time, especially as it relates to what the children need. Each are welcome and are encouraged to participate in the social life of the village (i.e community meals) on a committed and ongoing basis. No one will ask for personal funds from anyone in the community. Community Partners are called upon to use their own discretion to support activities within the village with their own funds knowing that their support is deeply appreciated and not expected or required. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas and must be used respectfully (i.e no smoking when children are around, proper disposal of butts etc.) All adults will reinforce and support all youth in remaining substance free In accordance with the mission statement of Angelica village, each will receive what they need and will commit to give what they can to support others in their lives and goals. Each agrees to give of their time and resources in complete freedom with no expectation of receiving something in return unless there has been an explicit agreement ahead of time. NOTE: If a community member or group does not uphold these agreements on an ongoing and/or conscious basis, or if they are unwilling to go through a corrective and healing process to restore their commitment to these agreements once they are out of step with them, it will be evident that Angelica Village is at odds with their practices and wishes in their life and they will be supported in moving on. I agree to uphold these community agreements
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