Lend a Hand with Cleaning/Organizing for an older adult household
12/03/2021 - 04/14/2022
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Community, Aging Adults
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A Little Help is looking for volunteers that would be interested in helping an older adult member of A Little Help with light cleaning and home organization. A clean and organized home is imperative for overall health and wellness, but sometimes our older adult neighbors might just need a little help once a month to catch back up with their home. No matter how you feel about cleaning, science tells us that keeping everything clean and organized is good for us. It helps us feel better about ourselves, reduces stress, improves our productivity, boosts our mood, and is a great way to stay physically fit. An unexpected or ongoing medical issue can sometimes restrict what an older adult is able to do in their home, and that’s where A Little Help volunteer can assist and help our members thrive in their homes and community. Volunteers opportunities might include: sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out cupboards, helping with mail or home organization projects, to name a few. Volunteering with A Little Help is very flexible and accommodating with whatever else you have going on in your life - simply select opportunities off of A Little Help’s HelpConnect Volunteer Portal that match your interests and available time. Be Kind - Feel Great! Contact A Little Help to begin making a difference in your community. We will have you fill out our Volunteer Application and Background Check online at alittlehelp.org then you can begin to help an Older Adult Household in your area and make our community stronger.
room2755 S Locust St. Denver, CO 80222
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