Heart & Hand @ Movement RiNo
Project Send It
06/12/2024 - 07/13/2023
09:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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You will be assisting a group of about 15 elementary schoolers from Heart & Hand Center. Since we’ll be bouldering today, your role is to bring the stoke! You’ll work with the H&H staff to get the kids ready to climb and then have a great time exploring.


Here's what to expect:

  • Please arrive at Movement Rino (3201 Walnut St, Denver) by 8:45am and say hi at the front desk and let them know you are volunteering with Project Send It. They know to expect you! Get yourself prepared and hang out until the kids arrive. If you plan on climbing on your own before the kids arrive, keep an eye on the time and be waiting in the lobby before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the other volunteers!

  • If you haven't been to Movement before, please arrive earlier and sign the waiver at the kiosk.

  • As the kids come in, introduce yourself, get to know them a little. Take them back to the cubby area straight past the front desk. Help the front desk and the kids get the correct size climbing shoes on. It might take a trip or 2 to the desk to get the right size shoe for each kid. Store shoes and jackets in the cubbies.

  • Once all the kids are in shoes, it's time to climb! After we go over some basics of climbing we are free to explore the gym.

  • This may or may not be the first time climbing for these kids. You’ll need to be watching to make sure the kids know how to fall and where to be standing when someone else is climbing. If they aren’t sure what they can be doing, here are some ideas

    • Demo some climbing moves they can try

    • Play a game!

      • Who can traverse the farthest

      • Add a move (first person makes a couple moves, next person repeats and adds a move, third person adds another move, on and on until someone can’t replay the sequence)

      • Skip a hold

      • Here’s some other ideas https://www.theclimbingguy.com/top-ten-climbing-games/

  • If you haven't already done so, please review and sign the Project Send It Volunteer Waiver and Contact Policy 


  • You've got this! Project Send It doesn't happen without awesome volunteers like yourself. Thank you so much for being there!

*Manual check-in is enabled for this event
room3201 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205
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