Helping Habit connects community members
with the causes that need them.

Help on Hand.

Helping Habit helps coordinate volunteer opportunities that align the needs of charity organizations with the schedules and passions of volunteers. We know that nonprofits can struggle to find volunteers on weekdays and during normal working hours, so we provide real-time data to make it as easy as possible for volunteers to find you. We offer tools for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to attract, track, and retain volunteers and donors.

Promoting Causes.

No matter how frequent the needs of your nonprofit – or what kind of nonprofit or advocacy group you are – we want to create a conversation centered around you by encouraging volunteers to record, promote, and share their volunteer experiences socially. We believe that referrals from friends, family, and co-workers are the most effective way to motivate others to volunteer their time.

Encouraging Action.

We’ve built our platform in collaboration with nonprofits in order to best meet your needs and objectives. By encouraging our volunteers to share the work they’re doing with the world, we aim to ignite momentum for the causes that they are passionate about, and to help you gain traction toward accomplishing your goals. We want to connect nonprofits with engaged individuals who are eager to return – and who will bring other volunteers back with them.

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