Morning Donkey Care-Return Volunteers ONLY
07/19/2024 - 06/10/2023
09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR SHIFT*** This event is for returning volunteers ONLY. If you want to become a volunteer at Longhopes you MUST first sign up for our ORIENTATION event. NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED. Welcome back volunteers! We are so happy to have you help us with our routine morning care.
I hereby give my consent to perform volunteer services for the Longhopes Donkey Shelter. I fully understand and acknowledge that my services are to be performed subject to all the rules and regulations of Longhopes Donkey Shelter and that violations thereof shall be cause for immediate dismissal of all services and privileges. I understand that all services performed by me are strictly voluntary, without pay or compensation of any sort, and without liability of any nature on behalf of Longhopes Donkey Shelter. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with equine activities and hereby expressly assume all risks associated with participating in such activities. On behalf of myself, my heirs, my personal representatives or administrators, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Longhopes Donkey Shelter, its agents, officers, property owners, servants, and employees, as well as other volunteers, clients, and/or visitors from and against any and all liability for any damages, injury of loss incurred and/or claims, causes of action, demands, judgment, or fees, incurred by Longhopes Donkey Shelter, which could in any way be associated with or connected with my services for Longhopes Donkey Shelter, including but not limited to animal bites, accidents, and/or injuries. *****Warning – Under Colorado Law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to § 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statues 2000***** I further understand that public relations are an important part of volunteering at Longhopes Donkey Shelter. I agree and give my full consent to allow Longhopes Donkey Shelter to use any photographs of me for use in public relations efforts, including, but not limited to, the Longhopes Donkey Shelter website, brochure and newsletter.
room66N Dutch Valley Rd. Bennett, CO 80102
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tag_facesVictoria Schroeder
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We're sorry you can't make it to this event. Your volunteer time is worth $24.69 an hour. Would you consider donating to Longhopes Donkey Shelter instead?
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