Language Support - Training - Beyond Babble
08/09/2022 - 07/05/2022
05:30 PM - 07:30 PM
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Beyond Babble - a Project Worthmore training focused on working across language barriers and supporting English langauge acquisition.

Whether you are volunteering in an English class or driving someone to an appointment, working with refugees very often means learning to navigate language barriers. Encountering a new language can be frustrating and fascinating, exhausting and enlightening, hilarious and humbling. How can you build a relationship across language barriers?

As an English speaker, you are an incredible potential resource for people seeking to learn English as a critical tool for empowerment and access. What can you do to help support learners through this process? What tools, resources, and best practices exist for language acquisition? What simple activities can you comfortably lead?

Come and join us for Beyond Babble, where we will explore these questions, and learn new ways to encourage language learning while helping someone navigate their new life in America. Please come ready to share your own insights and experiences and open your mind to new ones!

Covid: In an effort to provide a safe and healthy space for our clients and volunteers, we are currently requiring everyone who participates in our language programs to be fully vaccinated.

*Manual check-in is enabled for this event
room1666 Elmira St. Aurora, CO 80010
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