Food Delivery
05/27/2022 - 05/16/2022
12:15 PM - 02:15 PM
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Join Project Worthmore to make a difference in the East Colfax community! Our Food Delivery shifts are a hands-on way to get involved in your community while helping others. Not only do we repurpose fresh fruits and veggies that would otherwise be wasted, we also address food insecurity in the Denver area and support over 120 refugee families in need each week. Spending just 1-2 hours to drive and deliver bags to 10-12 households allows us to distribute over a thousand pounds of culturally-relevant food weekly to help families as they settle in Denver as their new home. Volunteers must be fully vaccinated, use their own vehicle, be 18+, and pass a valid background check (email to start one if it is your first time delivering with us). We follow the most up-to-date COVID protocols by wearing masks when picking up your food and route and when delivering bags. Sign up to get involved or email with any questions.

As a volunteer for Project Worthmore (PWM), I understand that my safety and the safety of others is paramount. I understand that driving as a volunteer is a privilege, not a right. Before being permitted to drive a personal vehicle on behalf of PWM, I hereby accept and acknowledge that the following rules apply:  1. I must provide evidence of my current status as a licensed driver. 2. I must maintain adequate personal auto insurance and will provide a copy of my Declarations page with this form.  3. I will comply with all PWM policies and procedures as well as any directions provided by the Volunteer Coordinator or the Executive Director of Project Worthmore.  4. I will comply with all laws and regulations concerning driving, including laws pertaining to  the use of seat belts, child safety seats, cell phone use, maintaining proper distance  between vehicles, and speed limits.  5. I will keep cell phone use while driving to a minimum. I will be aware when use of the cell phone is creating a distraction from safe driving and adjust my usage accordingly, including pulling off the road to continue/finish the conversation if needed. Whenever possible, I will complete calls while the vehicle is parked and/or use the phone in a “hands free” mode via a headset or speaker. While driving, attention to the road and safety should always take precedence over conducting business over the phone. 6. I will not, under any circumstances, attempt to keep a specific time of arrival by breaking  traffic laws or driving in an unsafe manner. If following posted speed limits will make me late, I will stop somewhere in a safe area to call an appropriate person to let them know of the new arrival time.  7. I will promptly notify PWM of any physical conditions, vehicle defects, or road conditions that might affect my safety or the safety of those I am driving.  8. I will not allow any unauthorized person to be a passenger in or to drive the vehicle listed above while engaged in PWM operations, unless that other driver has also been approved as a driver and has completed a Volunteer Driver Waiver. An adult passenger who does not intend to drive will need to sign below indemnifying PWM from any claims. 9. I will notify PWM of any traffic citations I receive while driving as a volunteer for PWM.  10. If involved in an accident, I agree to complete an accident report and to cooperate with the police, the Executive Director of PWM, PWM’s insurer, its insurance adjusters and attorneys.  Note: If a minor is a passenger in the Volunteer’s car, a parent or guardian must authorize, by signature, their approval for the minor to be in the car. Please see below. I understand that as a volunteer driver, my personal auto insurance will be the primary policy responsible for any accidents, incidents, and repair damage that involve my vehicle, including those that occur while I am serving as a volunteer driver for PWM. I understand that Project Worthmore does furnish a Non-Owned Auto Liability policy that covers excess claims and costs over the volunteer’s personal auto policy. 1/2022
room1666 Elmira St. Aurora, CO 80010
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