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COVID-19: How to Help in Your Community

We understand that you're concerned about the impact that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 may be having in your communities -- and whether you're leading an organization and finding yourself in need of more help than usual or you're a volunteer wondering how you may be able to help while being socially distanced, our team at Helping Habit wants to ensure that we are providing you with the resources and information that you need to make a difference.
We have added three new cause categories to our system which can be utilized for events related to COVID-19: Coronavirus Need, Remote Volunteering, and In-Kind Donations. In-Kind Donations can be used to find organizations that are looking for physical donations or items; in our current environment, this is where you would find hospitals or clinics that are in need of masks, surgical gloves, or other personal protective equipment, and once winter time rolls around, this is how organizations will indicate that they are in need of things like gloves, hats, or coats.

These cause categories are already showing up when users search or filter events by cause category on the Discover page, and organizations can add them to new events or modify their existing events to associate them with these causes.

New to Helping Habit? Create a Volunteer Profile and Lend a Hand
Head to our sign-up page to create a profile in our system, which will allow you to sign up for events and begin tracking the causes that matter to you.
Use the Filter Menu to Quickly Find COVID-Related Events
By filtering for our new cause categories on the Discover page, you can quickly parse down the events list to find the causes that you care about. The two images to the right demonstrate how to do this: first, click the green Filter button to bring up the Filter menu, and then use the Cause Categories dropdown to toggle checkboxes for causes that you're interested in learning more about.
accessing the filter menu (click to enlarge)
toggling cause category filters (click to enlarge)

Join the Helping Habit Network
If you're new to our system and would like to have your events hosted on Helping Habit, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of our Non-Profit Info page. We'll get back to you quickly!
Add New Causes to Your Events
You can associate the new causes with your events by (1) going to your My Events page, (2) accessing the event you would like to modify, (3) clicking the 'Edit Event' button, and then (4) scroll down to the "Additional Information" section, where will you find the 'Cause Categories' dropdown, just like you see in the image to the right of this text. At the top of that list you will find the three new causes, and you can toggle the checkboxes as needed. Once your events have been tagged with these causes, they will appear in search results when volunteers go looking to contribute.
Enhance Your Events' Searchability
To make it easier for volunteers to find your event, we recommend including words in your event's title and/or description that indicate that your event is associated with the efforts to fight COVID-19. This will make it more likely that volunteers are able to find your event by using our search functionality.
adding causes to your events (click to enlarge)
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